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365/365[2] Out with a Bang

It’s becoming a bit of a tradition for us to watch the fireworks in Belmont. This year the level of excitementView full post »

306/365[2] Happiness is… getting a trophy

After getting a water bottle last season, finally the moment he has been waiting for!  Getting a trophy!  It wasView full post »

256/365[2] Saltair

It was such a pain logistically to get here that we almost decided to forget the entire thing. Thank goodness weView full post »

212/365[2] Shot of the Day

Our rebounder is getting much use this summer!View full post »

179/365[2] Fireworks

We went to the annual fireworks celebration in my brother’s town.  A gorgeous display, as usual! WhoView full post »

110/365[2] Pedal Bike

Love that he is still rockin’ the pink pedal bike that we borrowed from our neighbors!  He is getting more andView full post »

80/365[2] TED Vancouver

Unbeknownst to us, we were right near a gorgeous structure in honor of TED Vancouver.  Built by Janet Echelman, it isView full post »

49/365[2] Baptisms & Birthdays

Lucia’s baptism and a surprise birthday celebration for Il Yong – all on the same day!View full post »

32/365[2] Happy New Year

My dad draws on his past life working in a restaurant and shows us his dumpling making magic!  We all had a lesson andView full post »

11/365[2] sibling love

I am so glad I was able to capture this spontaneous moment of Owen running over to comfort his big brother.View full post »

2/365[2] Screen Time

The never-ending battle – even if my boys aren’t playing video games, someone around them usuallyView full post »

1/365[2] frozen

One of the best things about living on the lake!View full post »