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362/365 Around the Lake

Nothing like a brisk lap around the lake!View full post »

348/365 Snowstorm

They say that bad weather makes for good photos, and I am so glad to have been in the city and able to go out with myView full post »

345/365 Austin

While in Texas this week, I was able to shoot scenery that I would never shoot while at home.  I wish I had more timeView full post »

312/365 The Left Coast

After a very stressful evening and an equally stressful flight, it was as if a cloud had lifted from us when we landedView full post »

287/365 Halloween Test Run

Thank goodness we found Halloween costumes that they liked!  I was getting a bit worried.  We got home and they had toView full post »

278/365 Back Seat

Stuck in the back while we are running errands.View full post »

252/365 A Surprise Visit

We had so much fun this afternoon when a dear friend came to visit!View full post »

251/365 Cousins

The gang’s all here!View full post »

192/365 Shower Conversations

Sometimes Owen has a lot to say when he is taking a shower.View full post »

172/365 Waiting and then More Waiting

Jasper’s first tooth has finally come out.  He couldn’t be more excited.  It definitely helped that he ateView full post »

160/365 Cousin Sleepover: The Morning After

Despite going to bed late, the thought of opening birthday presents got them up early…View full post »

158/365 Life is Tough Sometimes

When your brother gets the Skylander that you wanted…View full post »

137/365 Reunited

Owen and Cate pick up right where they left off!View full post »

129/365 Castle Village

We headed uptown to Castle Village this afternoon to accompany Jasper on a playdate at his friend Griffin’sView full post »

104/354 Double Birthday Party #2

The second double birthday party of the weekend!  After a cautious start, the boys had a great time at Hunter andView full post »