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A Year of Stories [week 52]

It’s been a while. I fell into a photography rut and couldn’t get out. In fact, I’m still not entirely sure that I am out but there is nothing like a vacation to get those creative juices flowing. After a hectic fall, it was wonderful to get away, enjoy some warm weather, and not have to worry about schedules, logistics and making sure everyone was fed, bathed and had their homework.

But while I have many amazing vacation photos, my current favorites are these taken after we got back. A boy reunited with his dog, enjoying a quiet moment together (in yummy light, luckily for me). These are even more meaningful to me since, unlike his younger brother, this one is usually too busy to stop for a photo. So, after a little break, I am very pleased to participate in this last post for our 2016 Year of Stories project. Stay tuned, we’ll be back in a slightly different format for 2017.

Please follow around the Year of Stories circle when you are done to get a glimpse of what is happening in the world of my talented friends. Cynthia Dawson is up next!

In case you’re still here with me, especially you fellow photography geeks, something else I did over the break was leave my DSLR at home (crazy, RIGHT?!?) and shoot only with my Fuji. While there were definitely moments that I wish I had faster focus, higher ISO, or even another focal length, when the conditions are right I love the images that I can get with it.

Don’t forget to visit Cynthia Dawson next!

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