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Photo 52 : Within the Frame / Classic Compositions – Golden Triangle

We continue our month-long study of classic compositional techniques by exploring the proportions of the Golden Triangle, a compositional tool of using triangles within the frame.  The rule generally applies to photos with diagonal lines, both actual and implied.  It involves splitting your photo into three sections that contain the same angles.  First, divide the frame diagonally into two equal triangles, and then divide any one of the triangles into two by drawing a line from the corner of the frame towards the central line, making an angle of 90 degrees. Now you have a total of three triangles; one large and two smaller ones. Following these diagonal lines makes for a dynamic composition.  Whether using the very classic version based on the mathematics of the golden ratio, or more simply, by composing based on diagonals or even triads within the frame, triangles are a dynamic compositional tool.

Last week we were schooled in the proper way to eat Chesapeake Bay Maryland crabs, and luckily for me this seemingly chaotic moment followed the rules of the golden triangle!

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