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Photo 52 : Within the Frame / Perspective – Specialty Lenses and Creative Effects

We are continuing our focus on Perspective, and finishing up our first month examining the way choice of lens alters one’s viewpoint.  This week we are utilizing various types of specialty lenses – telephoto, fisheye, macro, Lensbaby, etc. – and seeking to be inspired by the unique qualities of these lenses or seeking ways to use those lenses creatively.  I didn’t get much time to shoot this week and as a result had to dig into my archives for this photo that I took over the summer with my Lensbaby.  The Lensbaby brand of lenses are designed to give a creative effect, where one portion of the frame will be in focus, while the rest is blurred.

Julie Mak-13A_4566

As the saying goes, restriction breeds creativity. The narrow purposes of specialty lenses can inspire a photographer to rethink how to approach an otherwise familiar situation.  To view the complete collection of photos for this week and see how each of us chose to take advantage of the characteristics of these specialty lenses, please click here.

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