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Photo 52 : Within the Frame / Diagonal Lines

Today’s post is part of a year-long study of composition (to learn more about it see here).  For our third week on the topic of lines, we are exploring the creative use of diagonal lines in our images.

There is a sense of movement and immediacy when diagonal lines are effectively captured in a photograph. When used thoughtfully, they can imbue an image with tension and energy. Diagonal lines can add a sense of motion and anticipation, give a sense of soaring structure, or add remarkable depth to an image. As is the case with other kinds of lines, they help direct the eye and encourage the viewer to explore the frame.

This image was taken recently for an assignment in an amazing photography workshop called Elements of Design.  The assignment was focused on lines, so it couldn’t have coincided more perfectly with our exploration here.  All of the various groups of intersecting lines really caught my eye, and I remember feeling a sense of hope while looking upward toward the sky.

Julie Mak-13B_6094

Check out this week’s images for our collective exploration of diagonal lines.

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